Construction and investment projects

Implementation of construction and investment projects is a task for the ambitious – we provide ongoing support even for extremely complex undertakings.

When it comes to construction and investment projects, we pride ourselves not only on our thorough specialist knowledge, but above all on our practical know-how. We have provided comprehensive legal services to the largest international companies in the region operating large-format stores. Together with our Clients, we have completed investment projects with a total sales area of over 35 000 m2.

We have truly profound expertise and we can definitely be considered experts in this field. Among other things, we have provided legal support in the construction project of the world’s largest factory of mass consumer goods, located in the Lodz Special Economic Zone, as well as legal services for an international corporation throughout the investment process, where we participated in the investment preparation and construction of three modern production plants.

Our assistance in the implementation of construction projects also includes support in the negotiations and conclusion of contracts, as well as ongoing assessment and reduction of any emerging legal risk. We ensure that the participants of the construction process communicate with each other properly and as agreed in the contract, and that all important events are documented, such as additional works, errors or changes. We develop and check all the necessary documentation and create strategies of action in case of crisis. We also accompany our Clients in their everyday meetings and discussions related to the construction project. With our excellent knowledge of construction site realities, we implement effective and proven solutions, also in the case of disputes.

Thanks to a number of successfully completed construction and investment projects, we have been recommended in the EMEA Legal 500 ranking in this field. This prestigious award, which describes us as a locally recommended legal firm providing support for real estate and investment projects, attests to our expert status. We provide top quality, hands-on legal support.

Our services related to construction and investment projects include:

  • Support in the negotiations and conclusion of contracts related to the implementation of construction and investment projects, including red flagging of particularly risky contractual clauses and proposals of alternative actions;
  • Preparation and verification of necessary documents, including amendments, annexes, variation order requests, meeting minutes or correspondence;
  • Ongoing supervision over the works in terms of compliance with the contract and possible legal risk, as well as and participation in meetings and discussions;
  • Preparation of a comprehensive crisis strategy;
  • Legal audits of real estate;
  • Mediation in contacts between investors and local authorities, architectural and urban planning authorities and construction supervision institutions;
  • Handling proceedings aimed at obtaining zoning and land development decisions, as well as building permits;
  • Support in negotiations and drafting of construction contracts, contracts with architects and contract engineers;
  • Professional representation in court proceedings related to construction and investment processes.

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Dorota Brzezińska-Grabarczyk