Employment law for employers

Professional legal support is essential for employers.

There are many issues that may hinder stable development of a company. For dozens of years, we have been helping employers to run their businesses safely, also by handling labor law matters.

We believe that thorough analysis of the problem is of utmost importance. Even if it initially seems relatively easy to resolve, if left without adequate response, a minor issue can lead to a crisis with far-reaching consequences. Therefore, we do not analyze labor law problems in isolation from other elements of our Clients’ operations – we are convinced that they should be considered from the broadest possible legal perspective. This is our law firm’s distinctive approach thanks to which our Clients receive effective support.

The purpose of our legal services is to make it possible for our Clients to achieve their business objectives without fear that an unresolved labor law problem will become an obstacle.

Our legal services for employers include:

  • Comprehensive advice on labor law matters, taking into account the possible effects of our recommendations, also in the area of corporate, procedural, criminal, tax and personal data protection law;
  • Support of experienced experts in the field of occupational health and safety, social communication, occupational medicine, etc.;
  • Representation in the course of conciliation proceedings and litigation related to employee dispute resolution in courts of all instances;
  • Participation in shaping relations with employees through various forms of employee representation – including trade unions, European Works Councils and employee councils;
  • Development of comprehensive workplace regulations for employees, such as procedures, rules and regulations adapted to employer’s individual needs.

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Karolina Kołakowska