For whom?

Every company which aims to develop in a stable and sustainable way should ensure compliance with applicable regulations. The more your business develops, the more requirements it has to meet.

What do you gain?

The aim of compliance in its broadest sense is to reduce the risk of negative consequences of non-compliance. This is what we offer to you thanks to a number of effective methods of operation we have developed and familiarity with appropriate legal tools that are available in such situations.

Our expertise and risk reduction skills protect our Clients from severe civil, criminal and tax-penal liability as well as loss of reputation and valuable contractors.

As a result of our professional compliance-related services, our Clients can be sure that they conduct their business in line with the law. This provides a solid basis for investment in the future of the company, without fearing that legal obstacles will stand in the way of further development.

What do we offer?

  • Precise identification of threats – by means of audits, e.g. in the area of labor law, corporate law, intellectual property law, GDPR, environmental law, competition and consumer protection law, telecommunications and pharmaceutical law;
  • Preparation of effective procedures and supervision over their observance;
  • Comprehensive development of emergency action plans;
  • Possibility to participate in training sessions for employees and managerial staff, e.g. on the scope of criminal and civil liability and regulations which apply to your company.

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