For whom?

We comprehensively support companies that are or expect to become parties to litigation.

What do you gain?

Cooperation with litigation professionals will give you an invaluable sense of legal security. We take over all formalities, prepare a professional strategy, gather and prepare evidence and represent our Clients in the courtroom. We handle disputes in a fully comprehensive manner so that you can be sure that you receive exactly the legal support you need.

We offer practical assistance, taking into account the business aspects of the dispute. Before we decide what trial tactics to adapt, we conduct a thorough analysis of our Clients’ business position and strategy. We understand perfectly well the challenges of running a business, and we consider effective dispute resolution to be of key importance in efficient business risk management. Our litigation team not only represents clients in the courtroom, but also participates in negotiations and conclusion of complex agreements and contract, including in particular construction works.

We are known for our determination – among other lawyers, we have a well-deserved reputation of relentless, well-prepared trial opponents. Thanks to effective methods of operation, we manage to gain Clients’ trust, which opens way to long-term cooperation and securing the interests of our Clients also at the pre-trial stage.

What do we offer?

  • Advice and strategic development of trial tactics;
  • Comprehensive representation of the Client at each stage of the dispute and in the preceding negotiations;
  • Support in gathering and preparing evidence;
  • Implementation of effective, long-term solutions to facilitate business risk management at the pre-trial stage.

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