Mobbing and discrimination

For whom?

For employers who suspect that their employees may be victims of mobbing, bullying or discrimination, as well as employers who face such difficulties and want to counteract them.

What do you gain?

Bullying, mobbing or discrimination can happen even in a well-managed company. Very often, it turns out that in order to precisely identify the source of the problem and find an effective solution, the support of external specialists is necessary.

With our extensive experience gained in the courtroom and thorough understanding of employee problems, we hold effective interviews with victims of mobbing, bullying or discrimination and assess the credibility of witnesses. In this way, the employer obtains a reliable legal opinion and relevant recommendations for further steps, both where the investigation shows that mobbing actually occurred and where the allegations prove to be unfounded.

We make every effort to resolve the case at the pre-trial stage, thanks to which the employer can minimize financial losses and reputational damage. If the case needs to be taken to court, we professionally handle the whole procedure and support you at each stage.

What do we offer?

  • Development of effective procedures, including those applicable in crisis situations, followed by supervision over their observance;
  • Training for employees and managerial staff on e.g. responsibility for bullying, mobbing and identification of mobbing and discriminatory behavior;
  • Investigations in case of suspected mobbing/bullying;
  • Representation in negotiations with the bullied employee and support during court proceedings, if necessary;
  • Assistance in communication with employees as well as external parties.

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