Personal data protection

For whom?

Every entity conducting business activity is obliged to ensure the lawful protection of personal data. This service is available to any company, regardless of industry or size.

What do you gain?

The protection of personal data has become even more important following the introduction of the GDPR on 25 May 2018. Businesses that do not verify the lawfulness of the procedures under which personal data are processed risk severe financial liability and reputation loss.

With the support of experts, you can significantly reduce or even eliminate completely the risks related to the violation of personal data processing rules. It also allows for the precise identification of areas that require additional attention, e.g. in connection with sharing data with other entities. Assistance provided by specialists guarantees quick and adequate response in case of crisis situations.

Companies which use expert advice can also be confident that they have made every effort to ensure that all information that is important to them is secure. Personal data processing is directly linked to the security of other data. Therefore, thanks to working with experienced experts from our Law Firm, your company will be able to ensure the general security of personal data and other important information.

What do we offer?

  • Audits of GDPR compliance, followed by post-audit recommendations and guidelines;
  • Constant availability for contact and well-informed answers to your day-to-day questions and concerns regarding the use of personal data in your company;
  • Support in the negotiation and conclusion of agreements on the entrustment of personal data;
  • Comprehensive documentation related to the processing of personal data;
  • Training for employees on how to process and work with personal data.

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