Trade unions, collective disputes, collective labor agreements

For whom?

For employers who already have trade unions, as well as for those who expect trade unions may be formed in their companies.

What do you gain?

Relations between employers and trade unions are usually far from easy. This is not only due to the clash of two conflicting interests, but often also due to a lack of proper communication and failure to understand mutual rights and obligations. Such problems can be avoided with expert support.

Misunderstandings related to labor law may adversely affect the entire company, including its reputation. With our legal support, you can avoid the buildup of conflicts that prevent the stable and sustainable development of your business. It also helps employers develop lasting relationships with trade unions, based on respect for the law and transparency.

Smooth communication, minimizing risk at source and understanding and respecting mutual rights is a steadfast way to maintain proper relations with trade unions. Our Clients receive professional support in each of these areas.

What do we offer?

  • Drafting of documentation necessary for effective cooperation between the employer and trade unions – including agreements, contracts, requests for consultations, etc.;
  • Support in every aspect of cooperation between the employer and the trade union –including changes in remuneration regulations, individual and group redundancies, consultations on occupational health and safety and social labor inspections;
  • Participation in negotiations with trade unions, in particular in relation to collective bargaining and industrial disputes;
  • Advice on collective dispute resolution, including verification of the legality of a dispute, handling it in compliance with the statutory procedure and support in countering illegal strikes and protests;
  • Training on the issues related to the functioning of a trade union.


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